Our Designers

At popgulf.com, designers can focus on design. You submit design sketches, as well as any notes, patterns, specifications, and prototypes of popgulf.com that help us stay true to design concepts. We transform your design into a finished product and pass it on to customers around the world. We even offer a social media platform to help you get instant feedback and one-on-one communication from a global audience in a comfortable home. Most importantly, we will provide you with all of these services at zero cost and risk.

popgulf.com is committed to helping talented pet product designers to offer the most unique, high quality products to customers around the world.

At popgulf.com, all fashion products have their own brand. You retain the copyright for all designs. The finished product will be marked with your name on the label. But in the case of our prototype design and production of your design, popgulf.com will have the exclusive right to distribute and copy the developed series within the predetermined time frame.

We prefer designers to provide us with prototypes and design work. This helps us ensure that our production processes best meet all design specifications. We will post the designer's existing product photos and visuals in our online store.

Finally: we will share revenue with the designer. Fair and upright. Your dream is our dream.

If you are a designer and love animals and are interested in working with us, please contact us at sells@popgulf.com for consultation.